When is my order coming?

A lot of the products on my website are actually pre-orders, so double check whether or not you ordered a pre-order first! Generally, about 2-3 weeks after I close the pre-order period for stickers is when people receive them. For Apparel and other products this time is usually longer since production takes a lot more time.

Where's my tracking number?

If you ordered stickers, you will not be getting a tracking number unless you specifically pay for upgraded Priority Mail during checkout. Normal sticker shipping is an envelope with a stamp.

What are the stickers made of/what size are they?

All stickers are printed with high quality outdoor suitable vinyl. Sizing, finish, etc information is generally available on the product description.

Will you be restocking 'x' product?

Answer is usually, maybe. If I think enough people want a restock I definetely will. Make sure to leave comments on instagram, or send me emails about products you want restocked so I can know.


If you have any other questions I can be reached at: